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We have trained lady detectives for special missions.



Our ServicesAny person can abscond or missing/Kidnapped. He may belong to personal case or corporate assignment. The Detectives / Investigators can do their best to get him / her for their beloved or company who are spending money for them. If any one did some fraud in the company then company will depute the team of investigators to search him and if any person had made some fraud then the individuals are appointing an investigation company to search for them but if some one beloved has lost then they are searching for their relations. The search may be different and it may cross any border.

The searching geographical area can not be in India, it can beyond Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Dehradun, New Delhi or Haryana. It may be in other country. It depend the inputs we get from our client. 

The investigation / Detectives agency or company has got lot of appreciation till today in the assignments of searching the missing/kidnapped person which any one can view while visiting their corporate office.

The company is having great success in achieving their targets as they have very big network which covers India as well as Outside India. 


Under Cover AgentsSolid evidence is the primary demand of any successful litigation, and this evidence is discovered only during discreet undercover operations. Matrimonial detective based in Delhi, India, has demonstrated expertise in all types of undercover operations including covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or elaborate undercover Sting Operations.

After understanding your requirements, we create a customized plan for your undercover operations investigation so you only get the services you need. We have state-f-the-art surveillance equipment like body wires, tracking systems, transmitters, high-powered equipment with photo/video capabilities, and broadcast-quality hidden surveillance cameras. All these are used to provide definitive proofs that will hold their ground in any court of law.

Contact us today to discuss your Under Cover investigation needs. We have been successful in helping hundreds of clients with our detective work, ensuring utmost secrecy & privacy at all times, and we're ready to help you too!


Obtaining Proof and EvidenceWe provide the evidences in all cases to strengthen the allegations made by you in the court of law. The collection of the evidences is fully admissible in the court.
Note: Total Enquires related to Matrimonial Investigations, all the Reports will be Kept top Secret & Confidential, No one can even know about, accept Client.


Still Photography and videographyWe also conduct confidential enquiries in utmost discreet manner to discover hidden truth. Our method of conducting enquiries is so meticulous that even our direct approach to the subject creates least doubt and that is possible because of the cover stories we take. We are always quick to come up with an alibi. We also do    videography and still photography and provide video and photographic evidence wherever possible. We have in a way become addicted to the thrill of the search and the joy and celebration of the reunion. When we receive a call to find a missing friend, high school buddy, girlfriend, boyfriend, military companion, acquaintance or lost love.

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