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Missing Person & Tracing
We have trained lady detectives  for special missions.

Missing Person & Tracing

Missing Person & Tracing
Any person can abscond or missing/Kidnapped. He may belong to personal case or corporate assignment. The Detectives / Investigators can do their best to get him / her for their beloved or company who are spending money for them.

If any one did some fraud in the company then company will depute the team of investigators to search him and if any person had made some fraud then the individuals are appointing an investigation company to search for them but if some one beloved has lost then they are searching for their relations. The search may be different and it may cross any border.
The searching geographical area can not be in India, it can beyond Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Dehradun, New Delhi or Haryana. It may be in other country. It depend the inputs we get from our client. 

The investigation / Detectives agency or company has got lot of appreciation till today in the assignments of searching the missing/kidnapped person which any one can view while visiting their corporate office.
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