Matrimonial Detective
matrimonial detective
We have trained lady detectives  for special missions.

About us

With a mission to provide reliable and accurate information about the Bride & groom bride. In the presence of social enviroment,marriages are increasingly being arranged through matrimonial advertiesments, consultants and websites,which may involve high risk in dealing with strangers.

Matrimonial Detective is a Professional Indian Detective with proven track record & supported by the team of young & experienced professionals and has now grown into a most renowned Nationally & Internationally known outfit with National/International network.Matrimonial Detective is to provide reliable & dependable net all over India & tie up with Professional investigation companies in abroad. MATRIMONIAL Detective is equipped with the latest state of art surveillance and detection equipment to compliment our team of professional investigators. Our strength lies in the fact that we can bring our two decades of experience, resources and a dedicated team of professionals to consistently deliver high level of services, superior supervision and street knowledge to work for you. Our agency investigators are handpicked individual screened for qualities of resourcefulness, integrity and quick decision making abilities to deliver results to you that are authentic, timely, gainful, secret and confidential.Matrimonial Detective is a professional, quality conscious & versatile investigation company in India, providing specialized services to Corporate & PERSONALS Sector. The specific requirements of the client are studied & identified in the first Meeting, thereafter, investigation commences in a planned, time bound manner. Detailed plan of surveillance and investigation is maintained on honesty, accuracy & confidentially of each case.
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